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Starmax Group

 In 2000, Starmax Resource LLC was formed as a supply chain specialist working with a Cleveland based company, Sunshine Industries, Inc. which was a distributor, manufacturer and importer of household products. In 2002, as part of a re-organization of the family's interests, Starmax was then restructured into two core businesses – supply chain management and manufacturing.
Combined with existing strength of the family’s first factory in Shanghai, Starmax made major investments in establishing a second factory approximately 100 miles north of Shanghai and a network of offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and United States to service its customers.
In 2005, Starmax further broadened its customer base in United States, Canada and Mexico through the acquisition of assets of Sunshine Industries, Inc.  In that same year, Starmax started its own warehousing and ...more>>

In 2008, Starmax Global Trade (Shanghai) Limited was established for more aggressive expansion in the areas of import/export trading, logistics and market penetration.

Starmax Resource LLC.
18901 Euclid Ave Cleveland,
Ohio 44117-1171
Telephone: (216) 486-0606
Fax: (216) 486-9435

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